We provide several options for balancing your formes to maintain a constant cutting depth. For hand plattens and cylinders we recommend using the hardened stainless steel reinforced Shim Tape for the best results. While on Bobst and other automated cutting systems we recommend using the thinner Profi-tape type.

If you would like to learn more about our range of tapes and if they could help you, contact us today.


ThicknessMicronsWidthRoll Length
Thin Shim Tape0.03mm308.00mm10.00m
Medium Shim Tape0.05mm508.00mm10.00m
Thick Shim Tape0.10mm1008.00mm10.00m
PROFI-TAPE© Blue0.03mm305.80mm35.00m
PROFI-TAPE© Red0.05mm505.80mm25.00m
PROFI-TAPE© Yellow0.08mm805.80mm18.00m
Shim Tape is also available in 10 metre lengths and a variety of thicknesses. Contact us today to learn more about using Super Shim Plus and the benefits it can bring.

Martin O’Brien Formes is the exclusive distributor of Matrix Engineering’s Creasing Matrix in Australia.

As with all of the products we sell, we use them internally for our own forme cutting services. To meet our high standards they are tested and tried under harsh conditions and have continued to be great value.

You can learn more about Matrix Engineering on their website.