We have a wide selection of Router Bits that have been hand chosen for a range of die making tasks. They are equally capable of a range of other manufacturing tasks and can be used on a variety of woods, plastics and metal.

If you are unsure about compatibility with your machines, please contact us today.


2pt Bit76.20mmSolid carbide steel tip
3pt Bit76.20mmSolid carbide steel tip
Diamond Tip35.00mmPolycrystalline diamond 2 flute spiral cutter
Spiral Cutter76.20mm3 Flute contour cutter
Ball Nose Cutter38.10mmBall-nose counter-plate channel cutter
Channeling Tool38.10mmCounter-board channel cutter
Chamfering Tool38.10mmChamfering and cutout tool
Skiving Cutter50.80mmWhisper cut skiving tool
Contact us today to make an order or learn more about range of router bits. Please make sure in advance that these bits are compatible with your specific model of CNC Router.
Router Bits 7

Martin O’Brien Formes is the exclusive distributor of Precise Bits’s range of router bits and components in Australia.

As with all of the products we sell, we use them internally for our own forme cutting services. To meet our high standards they are tested and tried under harsh conditions and have continued to be great value.

You can learn more about Precise Bits on their website.