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  • New Laser Cutting Services

    Martin O'Brien Formes can now provide advanced laser cutting services and laser cut formes. Click here to learn more!
  • New Creasing Matrix and Shim Tape Available

    Learn more about the benefits of our new Creasing Matrix and Shim Tape product ranges.
  • A Diverse Range of Products and Services

    Need something cut, creased, modified, manufactured, bevelled, prepared, packed or supplied? Martin O’Brien Formes has a diverse range of services covering a wide variety of manufacturing, supplies and advertising needs.
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Experts in hand and machine bending; Martin O’Brien Formes combines high quality materials with precision workmanship to deliver advanced die making solutions.
You can now purchase state of the art die making equipment through Martin O’Brien Formes. From advanced automated bending machines to laser cutting systems.
From cutting rule to plywood. Martin O’Brien Formes can provide you with a complete range of die making products and supplies that we endorse and also use in-house.
Our range of advanced cutting systems can handle a wide selection of materials, product sizes and quantities. Click here to learn more about
The final stages of production can be critical to the end product. You can count on Martin O’Brien formes to put the finishing touches on your product, preparing it for rapid sale or distribution.
Need a custom designed product display or packaging solution? Our team of experienced designers and engineers can work with you to create a wide range of products from almost any material.
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